Club Membership
Individual Rotary Membership
Membership of a Rotary Club is not only fun, but a privilege to serve our community under the Rotary motto : Service Above Self
Rotarians are viewed in our society with a high degree of respect for their compassion, dedication and community minded spirit.
Rotarians achieve! Worldwide we support a range of projects from small at a local level, through to massive international programs affecting countries worldwide.
People who choose to be a Rotarians:-
  • Women and Men
  • People aged 18 years and above
  • People in the workforce
  • Retirees
  • People about to Retire!
Some time challenged people dedicate a few hours per year.

Others donate dozens of hours and get involved in all manner of projects.

Some come along only to our own Club meetings.

Others go further and get involved in District wide projects and beyond.
You choose a level of involvement that suits your lifestyle and personal interests, allowing you to build the enjoyment and benefits you are seeking.
The best way to start off - don't be shy, please join us one Wednesday dinnertime at one of our weekly meetings.
Our meetings are not stuffy. They're full of fellowship, good conversation, interesting guest speakers ... and a twisted sense of humour here and there.
We'll welcome you.
We'll explain more about Rotary.
We'll answer your questions ... all with no pressure to join on the spot!

Then it's up to you to consider what we share with you. Be assured though that 1.2 million Rotarians worldwide started just the same, taking the first step to find out more.
Decide to visit us - any Wednesday at 6:00pm
Centrals Community and Sporting Club, 3 Hannagan Street, Port Augusta
Contact our Membership Officer, Linley Shine on 0428 794 594
simply to let us know you're visiting.
We'd like to announce your attendance formally and introduce you around.
Don't hesitate to ask any questions. Remember, every one of us started in exactly the same way as you.
Walk away from that dinner to quietly consider your experience.
Obviously, we'd love to see you get back in touch or return to another meeting.
Decide to Join Rotary Port Augusta!
Simply download the membership application form in the Left Hand panel, complete it and return it to our club.
Only after your membership has been accepted will you be asked to pay the annual membership fee less than $4.00 per week ($200 per year)
          We look forward to seeing you at Rotary!